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The venue for Si-forum 2013 is Micro and nano-electronics research and production center GS Nanotech. It is part of Technopolis GS innovations cluster being developed by GS Group holding company in Kaliningrad region, Russia,

место проведения

Technopolis GS is aimed at creating a friendly environment where innovative ideas would emerge, be developed and put into life. The area to be developed is 230 hectares. Total investment in the project makes over 25 billion rubles.

Technopolis GS includes production zones, a research center, a business incubator and a residential area. GS Group is the general investor and initiator of the project.

Technopolis GS is located on in a special economic zone in the Kaliningrad region. Technopolis GS is a modern city where high-tech plants successfully operate, a comfortable infrastructure is being built, and a favorable environment for self-fulfillment and continuous growth for both technical and creative professionals is being formed.

The objective of the project is to create a new effective pole of innovative development for Russia.

Technopolis GS includes:

  • a production area: the large-scale production of innovative Russian products;
  • a scientific research centre: a platform for the generation of new ideas,  and project development by talented Russian specialists;
  • a business incubator and venture fund: the conditions for the establishment and growth of prospective young businesses based on the projects developed by Russian and foreign teams, idea generators;
  • an education Center: for training specialists for Technopolis GS;
  • a residential zone: a European style landscaped community.